The Pros And Cons Of Suicides In Japan

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Japan has always been one of the great powers of the world. It has one of the highest economies globally and that is due to the efficiency and perseverance of the Japanese workers. However, it has one of the highest suicide rates in the world which makes it sound abnormal for such a successful country. It reached 19.5 suicides among every 100,000 Japanese. In addition, In 2003, 34,000 lives were lost to suicide and the number decreased till it reached 21,897 suicides in 2016 which is still not a number to be celebrated. Japan suicide rate may be high as many Japanese suffer from financial problems. However, to explain the “Why” we need to look at Japan’s Religions which open possibilities to commit suicide.

The number of suicides in Japan was over 20,000 persons per year but this number jumped to over than 30,000 persons per year in 1998 when the Japanese financial crisis happened, since this crisis the number have been high. The Japanese financial crisis led Japan to witness what is called “the lost decade” as many people lost their money and jobs and faced poverty and unemployment.

According to Health and Global Policy Institute, this graph shows that suicides number increased steeply in 1998 and it stayed high ever since. “Following the 1998 financial crisis, most age groups for both men and women show an increased suicide rate” (Tanisho, 2013) The article also demonstrates that the highest proportion of suicides is among the middle-aged me. “Money related issues
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