The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Millennials and technology are almost synonymous today. Technology is everywhere and is a hugely important part of the world today. While that is usually seen as truth, some people question the requirement of technology in schools, employers looking at candidate's social medias, and if technology is good to be used in schools. Many people think it can be a distraction or that it should not be required. Millennials do things very different from the way past generations have previously. Technology plays a huge part in the lives of every child now. Technology can have many pros and cons and some people debate the validity of the claims that technology can help students. Schools no longer strictly ban technology but rather encourage it. Today’s generation can communicate with people across the world, do schoolwork, shop, and attend school all online. This is usually seen as a big advantage to students now. This prepares students more for the things they will have to do in college and in their future careers. Most jobs and colleges rely heavily on technology now more than ever. Teachers even keep their lesson plans in folders on their computers. But can technology negatively impact a child’s future? Many people now understand the benefits of teaching students how to be proficient with technology. There are many new jobs that came about with the rise of technology. But there are also downsides to the quickly growing online community. Terry Heick of teachthought, a website that promotes itself as being informational to “21st century teachers” says that technology can be a distraction among students that can be hard for teachers to restrict “It may be difficult for a teacher to monitor her students so closely in class as to determine whether they are utilizing educational apps on their tablets or browsing Facebook.”(Heick 1). Many schools also provide students with their own computers or tablets for them to use while they are in attendance. This can be a problem for many schools because of the huge financial commitment this can be. Many schools choose to provide students with Apple products. Apple products can be extremely expensive to supply children with, the most inexpensive Apple computer is the MacBook at $1299,
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