The Pros And Cons Of Technology

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Technologies have affected people in all walks of life. Technological innovations have helped improve our lives and changed our standard of living. Due to advanced technologies, we are able to have fast computers, smartphones, more advanced medical instruments, etc. Although technologies tend to benefit us for the most part, it also has its negatives attached to it. In our society today, there are up rise in identity theft, frauds, and other unlawful criminal activity being committed. The growth of cybercrimes is possible due to our information being easily obtained in the online world. Moreover, technological innovations have helped schools, governments, commercials, private and other parts of modern life to improve the productivity and efficiency. However, on the other hand, technologies as a criminal tool has enhanced the criminal’s ability to perform, hide, or otherwise aid unlawful or unethical activities (Reith et. al, 2002). Furthermore, although the vast majority of people uses computers and other digital devices for a positive reason, there are criminals that use these technologies to perform unlawful and unethical things to individuals and companies to obtain personal information. Moreover, to catch cyber criminals and prosecute them, digital forensic experts must use well organized and lawful procedures. According to International Journal of Digital Evidence, digital forensic is defined as “ the use of scientifically derived and proven methods toward the

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