The Pros And Cons Of Teen Pregnancy

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Hi my name if ifrah. My topic is, Teenagers should not get pregnant, do to the pregnancy affecting both the mother and the child.
While talking about the many things that contribute to teen pregnancy I will include details explaining the many challenges that come along with being pregnant and how that challenges the child.

Teenagers should not get pregnant do to the pregnancy affecting both the child and the mother , “ 2007, the pregnancy rate in Ontario for women aged 15-19 was 25.7 percent of 1,000. Based on 36 public health units in Ontario, the highest rate was 60.8, and the lowest rate was 9.5 percent of 1,000 women aged 15-19”
Having said that many teenagers don’t realize the responsibilities and life change issues that come along with being pregnant because of their actions and behaviours that lead them there. Another problem that countlessly occurs in a teenage relationship is having harder time coping with being careful when it comes to getting sexuel or that urge of control to stop themselves from continuing to risk something that both individuals are definitely not ready for which also could make a big effects in their lives. In Ontario and other many parts of the world many young teenage -- mothers suffer because of their poor choices in their relationships. Many often do not get the support from the father of their unborn child which worsens the situation. Even the support of the family is likely not received because of their judgment towards what their
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