The Pros And Cons Of The American Education System

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As Laurence Powell Jobs once said, “It’s not that our high school system was not designed well, but that it was designed in 1906 when the country was just out of the industrial era. There hasn’t been a substantial systemic change the way we do high school since then.” It’s no secret that the current school system used in America is outdated and problematic. With a plethora of obvious issues in need of fixing, there are noticeable differences between America and other countries. Steps needed to improve the system can be implemented. Although times have changed, the American education system has become outdated and thus is riddled with faults. When compared to other education systems, it is clear that the American schooling system is in need of reform.…show more content…
For the entirety of a student’s life, knowledge is based almost entirely on the scores of quizzes and exams. It seems as though if a student does poorly on a test, they are automatically labeled as stupid or unknowledgeable (Bryan). The way technology functions in a classroom is another issue that needs to be addressed. There are several reasons why technology is needed in the classroom, but also several downsides that come with the technological innovations. As Lynch points out in “18 Reasons the U.S. Education System is Failing” technology has brought many great advantage to students especially when our era is becoming more and more digitized, but technology does have its downsides. Technology has brought a new dimension of academic dishonesty to schools across America. Also, when students enter school, teachers are faced with the difficulties of students being at different levels of knowledge and technological savvy. High school aside, higher education still has its own issues. After high school, students head to college to find a whole new array of problems. One of the most common problems according to Vedder is college degrees do not guarantee economic
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