The Pros And Cons Of The British Police Service

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The recent wave of terrorist attacks around the UK and the rest of Europe has caused an uproar of people who believe the British police service should be armed, expecting an attack 24/7, but this isn 't the first time the UK has experienced significant sustained terrorist attacks. Back then the attacks were being carried out by an organised guerrilla army, the PIRA, who were well known to the UK government and military. Nowadays attacks are being carried out by individuals trying to push their own political views in unconnected, isolated incidents. But is it really any safer to arm our police service? The UK police service is known for being one of, if not the best police service on our planet. They’re known for being able to take down…show more content…
Why was her dad in a standoff with the police? It was all because he refused to leave his home after being evicted. Though clear evidence showed the father was provoked to pulling a gun out and shooting at the police he was the one charged with the murder of his own daughter, while the man who actually shot her got off scot free. Michael Brown, Alton Sterling and Eric Garner, whose last words before being shot again were “I can’t breathe”, are all innocent men shot dead by police. Not only were these men 's deaths unjust but for each of those cases, despite clear evidence, not one person was charged with murder, manslaughter or even assault. All these murders would have never happened if those police officers had used non-lethal weapons and sadly a gun is not only a choice for them but in most cases, it 's their first choice. It’s a difficult debate when it comes to America due to their ignorant and backward gun laws but my point is how can we trust our own police to carry guns when without lethal weapons they are already able to kill innocent people. The death of Ian Tomlinson, an innocent protester, in 2009 where the weapons police already have played a major part in it. Or only a few months ago were a London man was chased and choked to near death with one officer 's bare hands later succumbing to his injuries. Not only did they play a major part in his death but the police also had the audacity to insist it was due to the

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