The Pros And Cons Of The Crusades

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The Crusades was an era in which a party of Crusaders invaded Jerusalem, a land which had been controlled by Muslims, in order to conquer what Christians and Muslims call the Holy Land. The war initially began when Pope Urban II declared a crusade and by persuading Christian believers that it was the duty and obligation to protect Christianity, he was able to slaughter, kill and destroy the Muslims living in Jerusalem. In return, the Muslims found no other resolution but to annihilate and avenge against the Christians. Whether or not the Crusaders believed that they were combative because they had valid reasons; from the point of view of the Christian and Muslims, the Crusades were definitely not just wars. Primarily, the Crusades were not just wars because it commenced when there were many other options that were sane and peaceful. Both religious groups share multiple things in common. For example, they both recognize Jesus as a prophet and are both monotheistic religions. It was a possibility that they could have compromised and decide to split the land in half or unify the land as a whole, where both groups could remain and help enrich the territory together. However, Muslims and Christians were covetous and only sought to seek power and authority. It states, “ When the four main armies of Crusaders arrived in Constantinople, Alexius insisted that their leaders swear an oath of loyalty to him and to recognize his authority over any land regained from the Turks, as

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