The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Is the death penalty really the answer? Even though the criminal deserves the punishment of death, it is not always what a person deserves because death is the easy way out of the crime and the methods of killing are cruel. Some people feel that the Death Penalty should be broadened to cases such as rape, child molesters, etc. Execution Problems First off, some states just put people on death row and leave them there for a very, very long amount of time. Furthermore, only 1,110 people have been executed on death row since 1973 and 4.1% of those people were innocent (Ballaro & Cushman, 2016). In a state there was execution that looked like torture because they sat there and watched the man die for 40 minutes with the lethal injection that they had used to kill him (Newsweek Global, 2014). After another execution, they took 45 minutes to find a suitable vein on a man by just probing his arms and a leg because of his past drug abuse. The FBI’s evidence shows that the death penalty takes up large amounts of money but still does not deter criminals(Ballaro, Cushman, 2016). In the recent past, some people in the Supreme Court believed that the death penalty has been used in a racist manner, and could have resulted in innocent lives being taken for things they did not do. In Arkansas, the Governor wasn’t doing a very good job setting dates for execution, so that the family and friends of the person or the person they committed the crime against could have peace of mind either

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