The Pros And Cons Of The FDA

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For producers of food animals in the United States this year is not going to be the same as any other year in the past. Why, you may ask? The Food and Drug Administration created stricter guidelines to the Veterinary Feed Directive. For example, any beef producer has used or heard of MGA in their lifetime. Many producers just order MGA, mix it with the feed and feed it. MGA is used to synchronize heifers or to prevent heifers from coming into heat in the feedlot so they don’t waste energy while in heat. Producers are now going to have to take extra steps to get the antibiotics they need for their heard. This is going to affect almost all producers of food animals, large and small. The FDA is going to have to teach and inform producers about how what and why this is put into effect. FDA and researchers are going to have to explain to and keep producers up to date with information like the following.
What is the FDA and what does it do you may ask? The FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration. They are responsible for protecting the public’s health, and ensure the safety and security of human and veterinary dugs. They also regulate the making, selling and distribution of products. The FDA regulates many things including foods, like additives and supplements, drugs, both prescription and non-prescription, biologics, like vaccines and blood products,
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There is a continuing concern in the United States is bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The government continues to research and analyze the use of antibiotics in animals and humans. It is not a fact that the use of antibiotics in animals’ cause resistance in humans. Antibiotics are a necessity in the production of food animals therefore if they completely band antibiotics it would put animal welfare and food safety at a large risk. By implementing the VFD the government can assure people that farmers and ranchers are using antibiotics
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