The Pros And Cons Of The Honor System

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Many schools are establishing a thing call an honor system. This honor code is supposed to prevent cheating on a test, assignments and other academic work. This approach is solely based on the morals of its students and how admirable they are. Now, this could work on some student, but not all of them because some people don’t care about their own principles; therefore, it wouldn’t be as effective as much as people think. The honorary system is really flawed in most ways, rather than stopping people from cheating. This honor system doesn’t send a strong enough message, it doesn’t better them as a person, and it doesn’t stop the kids from cheating.
If a kid decides to cheat on a test or a worksheet it’s most likely they’ll do it again. Especially if they don’t get caught cause it will excel their cheating habits even more. Giving them aspirations that they won’t get caught and they can get away from not doing any work and the honor code let’s them do that. It makes it easier for them to do this stuff and get away with it cause all they have to do is lie, and some people are okay with that. Once the system is exploding in this way they’ll start to be okay with it because they’ll be nullified their conscience. Instead of using someone moral as a prevention of cheaters they need to use the no tolerance system. This would have a more
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Even though it might seem like a good idea there’s many flaws that come with it. There’s still going to be kids who will find a way to get through these prevention. There’s still some exceptions of course with the students whom don’t cheat and abide to the rules, but the system isn’t meant for them. It doesn’t get all kids to stop cheating, it doesn’t decide if the student is in the right or wrong, and it keep kids from cheating. All we can do is try to perfect the prevention of cheating, but the honor code is a downgrade rather than an
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