The Pros And Cons Of The Jury System On Trial

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According to the video, The Jury System on Trial having a right to a trial is a fundamental right. This right is protected by the sixth amendment which states that any person who faces federal charges has the right to a jury trial. This means that the person who is being accused of a crime has the right to present their case to a jury. This allows the individual to have a fair chance to prove his innocence. Being able to serve in a jury is considered to be an honor and a privilege, it is considered to be one of the most important roles that the citizens of the United States have. Yet, in order for a trial to take place lawyers have to select the individuals who will serve as jurors. This process takes place through jury selection which is the selection of potential jurors who represent a fair cross section of the community. During this process lawyers will ask the potential jurors questions regarding their age, ethnicity, job and beliefs. These questions are believed to help determine if an individual can be neutral, reasonable and unbiased towards the defendant. Being able to question these jurors will also help the lawyers determine who they will be excusing from serving on the jury. Lawyers have the right to excuse any individual through the “peremptory challenges for cause” (The Jury System on Trial). These challenges give the lawyers the right to excuse anyone without having to explain their reasons for excusing an individual. In a felony case the defense and
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