The Pros And Cons Of The Labor Union

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A similar sense of fake independence is also applicable to the people from the working class. Modern day employees want to consider themselves as emerging, “still to be appreciated” business persons instead of proletarian toilers who would work long and hard like robots just to satisfy their employers. As societies are becoming more and more individualistic these days, people are no longer that interested in being a part of a neighborhood club, a community, or a union. In this regard, Kochan (2010) argued that this situation is just like how ‘collectivism’ has lost its appeal gradually to the general people. People these days are so concerned about their social status that even if someone has a blue collar job, s/he does not want to talk about it publicly by being a part of a labor union. Everyone wants to enjoy the social prestige and benefits, which come from high paying careers or jobs. Due to these changed values and attitudes, not many workers in the 21st century would want to take any part in a public march down initiated by the labor union. Labor unions emerged at the time of the financial crisis. A crowd of poor workers gathered outside Rockefeller's house and started to create a scene by trashing the place. Finally, the police arrived and broke up their demonstration. But the law enforcement authority was sympathetic towards the blue collar workers. As a result, they did not go for any physical violence against the protesters. Rather, they took up a much more
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