The Pros And Cons Of The New Deal

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During the Great Depression Franklin Roosevelt enacted the “New Deal”, which was a series of government programs that helped the american people, this New Deal was the best thing that could have been done to help the American people who were struggling during the Great Depression, thus making it a good deal. The New Deal worked wonders in the US in terms of fixing the damage done during the Great Depression. This along with WW2 brought the US out of the worst economic depression that the country had ever faced. Despite the tragedies and the hardships that our nation was facing, The WPA, social security, and the AAA(agricultural adjustment act) helped this mighty nation persevere and remain unmoved by such a tragedy.
Arguably one of the best programs that the New Deal brought on was the WPA (Works Progress Administration). The WPA generated 3 million plus jobs alone for the young men in America ( The picture shown above, shows the building of bridges and other historical feature that are still seen today. These entities, roads, and constructions were used as the government projects to build the WPA and thus build the amount of jobs in the country. Many of the famous projects that were used as WPA projects, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and LaGuardia Airport in New York, are still around and used daily in today’s society. While the WPA was a success in creating jobs for the young white males of this time
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