The Pros And Cons Of The US-Pakistan Bilateral Relations

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The present US-Pakistan bilateral relationship resembles a poor quality soap opera, full of sentimentality and melodrama. Words like lies, deceit, disloyalty and betrayal from a cast of characters including US President Trump and Pakistan’s powerful Army Chief Bajwa describe the state of the complex and strained relationship. The disruption in ties between the two countries comes at a crucial time when shared interests instead of silly exchanges should be driving policies, in a particularly dangerous and volatile part of the world.
So what has brought the US-Pakistan relationship to the current sorry pass? For its part, the US feels shortchanged for receiving scant cooperation from Pakistan to extricate itself from its self-created Afghan
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The answer to this question, historically speaking, is easy. Since 1948, the US has pumped over $80 billion in direct aid to Pakistan. Initially, the US justified its aid to Pakistan as part of its quest to contain Communism and spreading democracy overseas. In the 1990’s, the US punished Pakistan for developing nuclear weapons by cutting off security assistance. Since 9/11, US military aid to Pakistan has been mostly geared to fighting terrorism and for reimbursements of costs of using Pakistani facilities to conduct the war in…show more content…
While the US and Pakistan may not share values, they do share significant interests, and this should shape the mutual relationship in the future. At this time, it is in the primary interest of both countries to deal with the chaotic situation in Afghanistan. The US faces an unenviable dilemma knowing full well that it can’t win the war in Afghanistan but it can’t leave with the appearance of losing either. To win, it can expand the war into neighbouring Pakistan and risk destabilizing a nuclear weapon state. Therefore, it seems the least risky way out of the Afghan mess is to wean Pakistan away from providing safe-haven to Afghan groups, by pursuing a quiet carrot and stick approach, while working towards a political settlement which is in Pakistan’s interest as

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