The Pros And Cons Of The United States Postal Service

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Mail has been around since the beginning of the United States and was once the number one way to communicate with others far away. Now in modern days, the United States Postal Service(USPS) is outdated and considered inferior to other communication tools like email or text messaging. The people of today fancy the fast and artless rout of communication, but the “old fashioned, hand written letter” can be resurrected if vital changes are made to the United States Postal Service (source F). The USPS should modernize itself to catch up with today’s world and remain as a source of jobs and services to the people of the United States.
The USPS needs to give itself a makeover to make it compatible with the needs and wants of today’s world. Just like how there is nothing as gratifying as holding a physical newspaper provided by the respectable old New York Times—which is still thriving—there is nothing like receiving a wonderful heartfelt letter in the mail, benevolently delivered by the USPS who is striving to stay alive. The reason that the New York Times can still stand at the top of their world is because they modernized themselves because they were losing to their online rivals, so they changed by not just offering a physical product, but an online one as well just as the USPS should do “to turn the old pony express into a sleek, 21st-century money maker” just like the NYT has done (source A). It is time for the USPS to augment their services because “[getting] money orders,

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