The Pros And Cons Of Transgender Women

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Furthermore, Spade, like Stryker, does not hesitate to discuss the fact that modern civilization is sexually oppressive, requiring that all individuals "adhere to two narrowly defined gender categories" (Spade 32). Spade argues that individuals are "afforded or denied rights and privileges based on their membership in, and performance of" (Spade 32) their birth-assigned gender. Spade's research manifests how the norms instituted by the gender binary regulate hetero-normative culture and therefore polices who may undergo sex reassignment surgery and who may not. The medical field's preservation of the gender binary "forces [transgender individuals] to rigidly conform [themselves] to medical [professionals'] opinions" (Spade 28) regarding what is masculine and what is feminine, and often coerces transgender individuals "to produce narratives of struggle around those identities that mirror the diagnostic criteria" (Spade 28-29) of gender dysphoria. In the same way that queer individuals are discriminated against through the continued defense of the gender binary, transgender individuals are also discriminated against. To view sex reassignment surgery through the lens that it is only permitted through a diagnosis of a mental condition is to ignore gender expression that is not binary. By “[denying] access to medical procedures to those who fail to perform normative binary gender for their health care providers” (Spade 18), the natural right of transgender individuals to live a

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