The Pros And Cons Of US Immigration

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On Monday March 6, President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order that bans immigration from six Muslim countries, including Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. The previous executive order also included Iraq, but was dropped due to the state’s significant role in the war on ISIS. This order also bans all refugees from coming into the United States for 120 days for the purpose of stronger security in the U.S. But, there are a few flaws in this ban, like the fact that the none of the six countries have committed a terrorist act on U.S. soil in the past 40 years (Gibbs). The ban will prove to be more unsuccessful overall than effective in strengthening the national security. Trump’s travel ban will be detrimental to the global economy because it will…show more content…
Last year, the travel and tourism industry grew by 3.3%, producing $7.6 trillion internationally. This is around 10.2% of the global GDP, meaning the industry is considerably important around the world. The U.S., accounting for 20% of the travel and tourism industry, generates $1.5 trillion to the economy. But the ban is already proving to impact the economy; after Trump initially signed the executive order, the next day it was apparent that the ban would have negative economic consequences. The value of the dollar decreased in relation to international currencies. Moreover, individual states’ economies have been directly affected by the executive order. Hawaii is the first state to sue the administration due to its’ substantial loss of tourism. The state, which is the number one tourism country in the U.S., contends that their tourism industry will suffer greatly because the ban creates an international perception that America is an exclusionary country, so no one would want to visit. Hawaii predicts they will lose hundreds of thousands of tourists, resulting in millions of
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