The Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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Imagine a parent sending their child to school with a one-hundred-degree fever. This sick child is in the class full of other children. Their families care about them too, but the mother does not believe the government should dictate when her child is able to go to school. This is the same argument opponents of vaccinations are making. Although citizens and egalitarianists do yearn for equal liberties, there must be limitations on such. The mother has an moral responsibility towards the other families and her child’s peers to keep her sick child at home. Mandating vaccinations serve the same principle. Being vaccinated is an ethical responsibility of all citizens, because without vaccinations there could be widespread disease outbreaks. If disease outbreaks result from this, then it will be at the fault of those who were not vaccinated. While America honors free choice, there are some choices that are obscured from the public for very logical reasons. Just as the law says people should not have freedom to steal to protect the rights of the majority, mandating vaccinations protects the health of the majority. The government does not dictate medications because of the way one thinks or feels about them, the government simply acts in the best interest of the American citizens. Several people make the mistake of believing vaccinations are a way of giving up one’s physical person to the government, however, it is more like asking a professional for medical advice. These

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