The Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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in 2015, 134,200 people have passed away from not being vaccinated. ( a new law was passed in 2014 that you need have had certain shot in order to go to public school. The shots that you need to have are HPV, Meningococcal, and TDAP. All those shots that are required are now free. With getting the shot you can prevent between 2-3 million deaths a year. What options do parents have when it comes to vaccanting there kid's There has also been a problem with babies being vaccinated. There is a standard shot that babies get they are all the same dosage. Which is the problem because not all babies are the same size when they are born. Which means a child that is born weighing five pounds is getting the same amount of medicine as a child that weighs 10 pounds. Which you can see the problem because when you take simple medicine like Advil you take it based on your weight. And if all the babies shot are measured at the same the babies that are smaller are getting too much and the babies that are bigger are not getting enough. This topic affects parents the most because parents need to choose all medical chooses for their kids till they turn eighteen. so that means they would need to fight for the right of their kids to get the right dosage of medication when they are born. And they need to choose if they are going to send their kids to public school and give them the shots are required for school. Or if they are going to spend the money to
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