The Pros And Cons Of Vandalism In The American Civil War

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White supremacist march through Charlottesville, committing violence against the rightful protesters who tore down a symbol of racism, slavery, and bigotry. That statement almost sounds like a plot to a book or a movie, in other words it sounds like a narrative. The media and news outlets in modern times have certainly presented that very narrative. After all the good guys must prevail against the bad guys. However, who are the bad guys? Who’s in the right, the vandalizers or the angry mob? In the eyes of the law, both are wrong and illegal. If a judge had to decide the penalties to each group, who gets the most severe punishment? Who instigated the violence? It was the group of protesters who tore down the monument, committing the act of vandalism that instigated the angry mob as the enforcers of the law were ordered to turn a blind eye and see what the media wants them to see. The United States of America is under siege, not by an outside force but its very ignorant citizens. Racism. The very word sparks outrage amongst U.S citizen and its politics as the term “racist” is thrown like a playground insult. The United States’ Civil War was fought over many reasons from tariffs, state rights, and the very infamous racism. What do these monuments represent though? Does it represent oppression and slavery? Does it represent the brave soldiers who fought against overwhelming odds? The answer is subjective and even if the monuments should be destroyed with the Confederate flag
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