The Pros And Cons Of Vending Machines

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It is not only GMOs foods that threat our health as Americans. There is an epidemic in the US that needs to be addressed, child obesity. One of third of children in the US between the ages of 6 to 19 is overweight or obese. In addition, child obesity needs to be addressed at an early age, because in estimate 80% of obese children become obese adults per federal statistics. One main reason is that our children spend most of the week in school, their school hours are almost equal to adult working hours. Therefore, the food they eat in school is crucial to their health and development, but the foods and beverage they purchase in the school’s vending machine is not healthy enough, and contain high calories (State, 609). These days the vending machine industry and the food companies seek school monopolies to be the only one to sell to schools, and the key to making the most money is to sell a nutritionally fat food for the lowest price (American, 155).…show more content…
However, those laws are not specific or just serve as a recommendation for the foods and beverages companies. There is an urgent need for firm laws that will restrict or prohibit the food and vending machines companies (State, 612). In addition. the government tried other ways of delivering better nutrition to children in schools in the form of subsidizing hot lunch program, but schools barely break even on this type of food. As a result, schools let vending companies sell in their schools and accumulate some of the revenue from the vending machines, maybe if those foods, beverages, and vending companies would pick better food for our children we will not have to criticize this industry all the time (American, 155). Child obesity should be addressed and can be with the help of the government that must maintain a healthy environment in
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