The Pros And Cons Of Violence

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In this paper I will argue that violence is a vice based on the fact that it is ruining lives not only in war but in our society and changing the lives of soldiers due to the deteriorating mental health. Also, in this paper I will argue how author, Bonnie Mann, would agree with me and my opinion on the sentence previously stated. Pope John Paul the Second once said, “Violence is a crime against humanity, for it destroys the very fabric of society”. (, this is true for both non-war and war violence. I agree with this quote because I too believe that violence is ruining our society from different points of view. I will argue my points on how I feel violence is destroying our society and the well-being of our American soldiers by quoting Bonnie Mann’s “Sovereign Masculinity”, as well as taking examples that happen in today’s world from various scientific and news networks. We need to understand how much violence is effecting the world negatively, there are far too many stories all the way from the streets of Harlem to the war in Afghanistan. Violence is immoral and this paper will not only discuss why I think that but give real life example and so these opinions of mine can be seen as facts. The violence used in our society such as police brutality weakens our community by people no longer having trust in the police and having them protect us when they are seen harming us. This is also true for war because of the number of soldiers that have PTSD when they return
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