The Pros And Cons Of Violence

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Violence is all around us, and sometimes it’s right in front of you. The violence in my life is in front of me. This violence isn’t physical, but instead verbal and through social media’s. The violence happens at my lunch table and online like Instagram or texting.

I think violence is wrong and hurtful because it can make people cry or think badly of themselves. I have seen some of my friends cry, and I do my best to help them and tell them that the person being rude to them is insecure. The situation was, let’s call her X, got mad at my friend and started texting her long and hateful texts. I do think it’s wrong, because when they say I was just upset or I was joking it can affect the victim's life. They could have taken it serious and hurt themselves. The girl doing this is extremely rude to others when she does not get her way or misunderstands. Anyone who tries to stand up to her is shot down. I think that she is rude to others, because I don’t think she is very secure of herself. The verbal violence at my lunch table is towards my group of friends, and has affected their lives by splitting from our group and becoming distant. It’s also affected my life because of the constant drama and fighting. My best friend has shown me all the hateful texts that X has sent, and it is truly shocking. Later she X apologized, but she still continues to be set off by the smallest things. To stop X, I could explain to her what she is doing is wrong and that she needs to stop.
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