The Pros And Cons Of Wage Misoft

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Wage theft is very common in the United States. There are many different forms of it such as minimum wage violations, illegal deductions in pay, working off the clock, misclassification or not being paid at all. There are many strong labor laws in California, however, wage theft persists because of the lack of enforcement. Many employees try to report wage theft violations but the process can take years. Labor centers states that 83% of workers who can hold a court-order claim for their unpaid wages do not receive anything. Adding to the fact that victims will not receive their money, employers can shut down their businesses or open up in another name to avoid cases. Discrimination and wage theft intertwine with each other. Statically, women and workers of color face higher rates of wage theft than other groups. A man named Heriberto Zamora was working for one of the most expensive restaurants in the country. He had twelve to fourteen hour shifts which accumulated to nearly 60 hours per week and had received no overtime. He was later unfairly fired and was only able to receive payment with the help of local organization Koreatown Immigrant Workers alliance who advocated for him. Zamora is an immigrant, and like many others he was taken advantage of for being an immigrant. Business that underpay and mistreat immigrant employees are morally and ethically wrong.

Every person regardless of their ethnicity or gender should be paid at least the minimum wage because their

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