The Pros And Cons Of Women Serving During Combat Roles

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The Pros and Cons of Women Serving in Combat Roles

A number of arguments have been raised in defense of a military policy that bans women from

serving in combat roles. Pros argues that women should be allowed to serve in combat roles in

the Armed Forces. Cons argues that women should not serve in combat roles because they

would not be as effective in combat as their counterparts.

1. Cons of women serving in combat roles in the armed forces.

A. Physical Ability – Some jobs in the military are created for men and women and some are created just for men because women are not physically suited to work in those job fields. This is also the case with the standards of physical fitness. The physical fitness requirement program is catered more towards men than women. Often time women injure themselves trying to meet these standards and keep up with the men.

B. Military Readiness – Some women become pregnant around the time they have to deploy, and this can cause certain billets to go unmanned and some job billets to be under staff during deployment. It also reduces the number of women required for deployments.

C. Physical Abuse during on Deployment – The military constantly trains men and women about sexual harassment, and sexual assaulted within the military. This is a big problem when men and women are on long deployments together. While on deployment the living conditions, the length of the deployment, and the overall stress of being away from family are

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