The Pros And Consequences Of The Rohingya

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“History repeats itself endlessly for those who are unwilling to learn from the past.” (Leon Brown)When huge catastrophes like genocide take place, theoretically it is simple to point out what steps should be taken, what methods should be used, and what outcomes should be expected however practically it gets hard. For instance, the prosecution of Muslims in Myanmar began in 1962 and yet continues to the present day. Solving a tragedy like the prosecution of Rohingya was first proposed by hopeful minds because logically speculating; the possibility of solving such tragedy was slim. However, the Burmese made no effort to learn from their mistake rather continued prosecuting the Rohingya minority. They have made history their master, and as a result are blind from the reality.…show more content…
Nevertheless, the Burmese act like that nothing evil had never happened. They do awful acts that are against humanity to the Rohingya minority but they would be swallowed up by the passage of time. They would not need a permanent note to remind themselves what has happened at all. Above all, the Rohingya are facing genocide and it is the most pressing issue that deserves attention from the international community. The reason being it is ethnic cleansing that result the Rohingya to be stateless, and beings with no worth. What could be done to address the issue is first to provide humanitarian assistance to the Rohingya minority, secondly the United Nations to make a reconciliation committee for Myanmar to help deal with what happens in the
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