The Pros Of Drinking Coffee Essay

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Growing up, I was always told not to drink coffee because it supposedly was bad for my health and was very addicting; a bad habit. Due to not being presented the pros of drinking coffee every day, I never understood why people drank it in the first place. As I aged, I became aware of these pros, but I didn’t know if the pros and cons I was told about were true for everyone. I also wasn’t certain if I knew of all the possible pros and cons, simply because I never drank coffee before.
To erase this state of confusion, I conducted both primary and secondary research to conclude if the pros of drinking coffee every day, outweigh the cons. I generated primary research through the conduction of a survey of sixty-one participants, and an experiment where I was the participant. My primary research defined the pros and cons of drinking coffee every day, and furthered my understanding of how coffee affects the average person. I used a database newspaper article to acquire secondary research. This article determined the factuality behind coffee being bad for my health. My research concluded that coffee is not bad for my health, in fact the opposite is true, and the pros of drinking coffee everyday most certainly outweigh the cons.
First, I conducted my experiment to receive an understanding of how strong the effects of coffee are, how it makes people feel, and what the effects are. This experiment will also help me define any pros and cons. To accomplish this understanding, I needed
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