The Pros Of Economic, Environmental And Social Benefits Of Procter & Gamble

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As mentioned, CSR is the business approach that a company deliver economic, environmental and social benefits for all stakeholders to contribute to sustainability. Company that implements CSR give a lot of effort to deliver the three aspects of benefits. We are going to discuss about the environment and the social benefit of Procter&Gamble(P&G). P&G is a nearly 180 years old global consumer packaged goods company which selling the personal care products and cleaning agents. P&G sells their products in grocery stores, drug stores, baby stores and other stores in approximately 180 countries. It owns 65 brands which split into 10 categories. In providing environmental benefit, P&G focuses on 4 points which are water, waste, CO2 & Energy Reduction…show more content…
Life cycle Assessments also show that people used most of water while using the products of many categories of P&G. For example, we use a lot of water while bathing to clean the shampoo and shower gel. The company cannot control the usage of water that the consumers used in home so P&G produce the products and tools that may help consumers reduce the usage of water. The products such as 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner and Swiffer wet pads helps consumers to reduce water in home. The third target is to provide 15 billion liters of drinkable drinking water to the people and countries who need it by 2020. P&G set up the Children’s Safe Drinking Water(CSDW) Program to achieve the goal. Company has provided over 12 billion liters of drinkable drinking water in this CSDW. Not only this program, P&G also established almost 25 new programs in past 5 years to help the families and children in rural areas. Water gives help to people who in rural areas to sustain their…show more content…
Most of the packaging in the past are not sustainable. Packaging takes an important role in achieving sustainability. Company nowadays should design sustainable packaging to fulfill the CSR. Sustainability packaging is using the materials which can be recycled. It should be beneficial and safe for humans and environment. The packaging goals of P&G are reducing packaging by 20% per consumer use, doubling our use of recycled resin in plastic packaging and ensuring 90% of our packaging is recyclable and develop the ability to recycle. Pampers brand of P&G substitutes the corrugate with recycled plastic bags which are easier to carry. The recycle plastic bags reduce 80% packaging material than before. This recycle plastic bags fulfill the first goal of packaging of P&G. Second goal which is use more of recycled resin is began in China. The packaging of the oral care is using the post-consumer resin to achieve sustainability and also providing benefit for the company in saving cost. The first category of P&G which reached their third goals is Family Care business. Family Care Business have 100% of recyclable
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