Essay on The Pros and Cons of Adopting a Single European Language

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Advantages and Disadvantages to Adopting a Single European Language Imagine the United States having more than one official language. Imagine that almost every state spoke a different language. Life in the United States is not like that. In fact, there are shortages of Americans who actually want to learn a second language and retain it for future use. But the notion of a multilingual country is not far fetched. Europe is composed of over 40 different nations and there are more than 30 different languages and three alphabets. The European Union itself has 20 official languages and many more minority languages. Citizens of the European Union speak English, Spanish, Danish, German, Greek,…show more content…
What Europe needed was stability both economically and politically and needed a way to achieve this stability without having to depend too much on another. Furthermore, what they needed was peace and cooperation among the different nations. A plausible solution was European integration and the first step towards this was taken in 1951 with creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, then in 1957 with the European Economic Community and the European Atomic Energy Community. This was the solution for stability and economic recovery. Even the nations began to integrate the member states still retained much of its sovereignty this also included the areas of language and culture. Today the European Union consists of 25 member states with 20 official languages and in January of 2007 Irish will become the EU’s 21st official language. Right now the European Union works with eleven different languages and because of this the institutions have to employ translation services in order to communicate with all member states. One would believe that this would be very inefficient and not very cost effective. Every decision that is made has to be translated in order to communicate effectively to each member state. If one language were adopted then the need for extra services and paperwork would be eliminated. But the adoption of one language is far more complex than trying to be
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