The Pros and Cons of Animal Testing

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Almost every medicine that can be found in an average person’s medicine cabinet has been tested on an animal at one point or another. A government funded corporation called the Food and Drug Administration, abbreviated as the FDA, is in charge of making sure that all drugs, cosmetics, biological products, and more are efficient, secure, and safe for human usage. The FDA will not allow any drug to be released or sold to the human population if it has not first been tested on animals. In fact, when a drug is first created it is tested on animals before humans are even allowed to test the drug at clinical trial centers. Whether or not animal testing should be done for scientific purposes, has been a widely argued topic for many years…show more content…
When testing things like cancer drugs the U.S. government demands that it be proven safe on animals before any of the treatments can be tested on a human being (Chang, 1). Though the idea of harming or being the cause of an animal’s death is extremely depressing, it is the human population’s chance at survival against deadly diseases. Humans are the top predator in the world because they have the ability to reason logically and this gives them the upper hand in the fight for survival. Everything humans do in this world is more advanced then any other species but humans are also plagued with more difficulties, hardships, and obstacles. Humans encounter more diseases than any other species and the reason for this is unknown. Using species that are inferior to humans and would be considered their prey in the wild, as test subjects to lessen the number of diseases that can kill them is extremely logical and efficient. Humans are the superior species, giving them the right to survive at all costs. The way scientist and doctors use animals to find cures can sometimes take months and in other causes of more serious diseases it can take years.
Almost every person in the world has experienced losing a loved one to a fatal diseases or if they haven’t they, at the very least, knows some else who has. Disease has plagued the human population since the beginning of time and in return

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