Essay on The Pros and Cons of College Open Enrollment

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There isn't anything more important to community colleges than the certainty that they can and should provide all qualified people who are looking to be accepted with admittance (Vaughan). The people of the community college represent forty-four percent of all undergraduates and forty-nine percent of students attending college for the first time (David). These students include a lot of minority students, students with a low social standing and the non-standard (age twenty-five and older) student who commonly enters college less academically equipped (David). Most community colleges have made immense advancement in reducing a lot of geographical and economic blockades that have in the past limited college admittance (David). Community …show more content…
If these people don't get the proper education they will most likely cost the state more money in the long run because the people will not make enough money. Nathan Glazer, a writer of The New Republic, believes that the community college is essentially a remedial college and a job training college that prepares people for a specific job that they are not able to attain the next level of education. The state will save money if it pays for remedial education rather than letting people go without education. Anne C. Lewis, a national education policy writer believes that if all students are ready and prepared for college, then jobs will be waiting for them when they are finished. People without an education are more likely to end up living off of the government through welfare and other government agencies. Achieving higher education would mean a financially secure future (Lewis). Many colleges are dedicating their financial and human resources to teaching what students should have learned in their elementary and secondary schools (Manno). Dr. Sandy Shugart, President of North Harris College, reveals that President Lyndon Johnson believes that education is the only way a person will excel from poverty. Linda Seebach, writer for the Rocky Mountain News, believes that students that blow off high school with the thought that
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