The Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigration in the USA

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Immigration is an increasingly hot controversy in southern California; there have even been various rallies recently with many supporting a path to citizenship and others arguing that we need to close our boarders and prosecute violators. Immigration is the spotlight not due to money, but because it affects problems like race, the role of government, national identity and change. There are more advantages than disadvantages on supporting illegal immigration and supporting an amnesty. Many Americans like Michael Scott a business man from southern California argue that the continued invasion low-skilled, uneducated illegal immigrants has depressed earnings an limited opportunities. I disagree with Michael Scott view that…show more content…
Immigrants are not taking are jobs, they do the work we necessarily do not want to do—gardener, housekeeper, fieldwork, etc. Many of us are very stereotypical, many Americans believe that “Illegal aliens” do not come to work, but cause crime and we should deport them. I agree we should seal the boarders and deport any serious offenders—like rapes, sex offenders, murderers, etc.-- after they do their time sentence, but like our justice system, illegal immigrants should have the right to an attorney, a day in court in front of a jury (if needed), and “the punishment (if required) has to fit the crime,” like David DeCosse said in his article “Ethical Considerations Support Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.” One of the biggest concerns many Americans argue to seal the boarders and deport all undocumented immigrants is because they are afraid of another terrorist attack. After September 11 and our recent bombing in the world-famous Boston marathon many citizens are afraid to let foreigners into the

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