The Pros and Cons of Judicial Corporal Punishment Essay

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Punishment, the word has brought fear to men and children alike, leaning towards adult offenders it tends to take on deeper connotations. As a child you would be punished by your parents, school leaders and other parental figures, and mostly under not so serious circumstances, usually requiring very little corporal punishment and/or separation from entertainment devices. As we get older the offenses tend to be greater and therefore demand greater punishment, despite having histories involving death sentences and hard labor, some methods have done little to deter some offenders. The question this raises of course, should we focus more on punishment or on rehabilitation, concentrating on punishment some would say stricter… while many will say we can’t be too strict. We have way of punishment that delves from corporal to separation, extremes that favor either or, and then extremes that bring them together. “Those in favor of Judicial Corporal Punishment argue that corporal punishment is a quick and effective method and less cruel than long-term imprisonment; adherents to this viewpoint think that corporal punishment should be re-considered in countries that have banned it as an alternative to imprisonment; some even want corporal punishment to replace fines for such minor offences as graffiti.” (K, 2013)
Most in favor would argue that long term imprisonment could greatly alter ones mental wellness, resulting in an almost brainwashed affect, someone who can no longer function…

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