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Liposuction: The Bad and The Ugly      Due to the risk involved, liposuction is not the answer to having a great body. Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery today. Those seeking the perfect body seldom understand the risks involved in this invasive surgery. One of the risks of liposuction is that fat cells can grow back in the area where the procedure took place. Another risk associated with this procedure is over-aggressive fat removal. Poor work performed by untrained doctors poses many problems in itself. Pulmonary Thrombosus, Lidocaine Toxicidy, and imbalances of bodily fluids also are serious risks associated with liposuction, not to mention the ultimate danger with any surgery,…show more content…
The removal of 1,500 to 3,500 mL of fat or less does not pose that much of a risk. The chance of problems occuring increase when a larger volume of fat is removed, a number of areas are treated at the same time, and if the operative sites are larger in size than normal. The common recommendation of fat removal is not to exceed 12,000 mL, but some doctors do not take the patient’s health into consideration and exceed 12,000 mL. Any doctor who performs large volume liposuction must be well trained and have lots of experience. Any patients who receive large volume liposuction should stay in an overnight facility where the patient may be monitored and given medical treatment if needed (Pavlovich-Danis, 2001, p.3). Many of the risks associated with liposuction are due to the negligence of the surgeon or doctor performing the operation.      Due to the doctor’s lack of qualifications, lack of experience, and lack of training there is a high risk of something going wrong during liposuction surgery. The New York State Senate Committee of Investigations performed an investigation of doctors performing surgeries in the private establishment of their offices over the course of nine months. Found in the investgation was that many doctors were performing surgeries outside the scope of their training ("Problems of Office," 1999, p.2). Not all of the

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