The Pros and Cons of Managed Mental Health Care Essay examples

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This paper will discuss the different effects managed care has on the quality of mental health care for its clients. On the positive, managed care has increased availability to a cliental that would otherwise not be able to afford mental health care. On the negative, there has been a reduction in quality in order for managed care corporations to keep costs low and still make money. Proper implementation of managed mental health care would likely result in high quality, low cost mental health care.

Two decades ago hospitals were for the physically ill and asylums were for the mentally ill. With the stigma fading from mental illness and a movement toward deinstitutionalization, this paradigm of segregation of mental
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Historically managed care organizations have not switched mental health patients to less costly forms of treatment, they have just reduced care in general, restricting access to costly medical procedures. (Madonna, 2000, ¶ 12)
One reason a stigma is placed on forms of managed care, such as health maintenance organizations (HMO), is a highly publicized practice of providing material incentives to doctors to control the amount of costly tests and medications the doctor prescribes. Before providing these material incentives the HMOs would force the doctor to sign a gag rule, preventing the physician from disclosing any information pertaining to the unethical practice. Since the doctors who participated in the bribery can not speak about the practice, there is no way to tell the impact of this practice, but one can assume that many patients received diminished treatment of illnesses, possibly resulting in harm.
The Pros
It may be hard for most people to believe that there are some pros to the existence of managed care, but this may be because only 8% of the thousands of articles writen about managed mental health care in national publications have a positive influence on the reader. (Bernard & Shulkin, 1998, p. 2110) Despite the quantity of negative press (some of it is deserved), managed mental health care does have some positive aspects. Rising cost of health care has forced employers to cut back on health care

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