Essay on The Pros and Cons of Obamacare

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The topic that I am choosing to do is on Obama Care. I chose this topic because the idea of the government forcing people to obtain insurance is wrong in my eyes. I am interested in analyzing the validity for what has been said about this topic in order to increase my understanding about Obama Care. I am not an expert when it comes to Obama Care. I know that this is an insurance that is being provided through the government for the general public. I have read that President Obama never initially read the whole bill itself. I also know that people who cannot afford it, but make too much money to qualify for Medicaid are being heavily encouraged to get this insurance. Some of the common knowledge that I have…show more content…
Many people think that taxing the people who do not get insurance is way they are trying to pay the country debt to China.

What does it cover? “It cost around fifty dollars to see the primary doctors, and specialize doctor seventy-five dollars.” (, 2014) “The prescriptions cost from range from fifteen dollars for generics to out of the pocket on some name brand drugs.” (, 2014) Some the name brand drugs are mental disorder and they cost up to thousands of dollars for this one of those prescriptions alone. “Surgeries, x-rays, cat-scans, M.R.I’s all them are half of the cost of the procedure. That does not count price of ER is five hundred dollars and every day you stay in the hospital it extra five hundred dollars you pay every day that you are in there.” (, 2014) It would be cheaper than paying out the pocket for a hospital stay or most of those things besides the name brand prescriptions it the same price.

How much would it cost for an individuals and as a nation? “For a family of three it cost around four hundred and fifty dollars month just for the health insurance. That does not count for dental or vision you have to pay those separated those insurances is total to be around two hundred dollar more, so all together is about six hundred dollars a mouth. The average price year for one Adult is fifteen thousand dollar a year.” (, 2014) If they

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