The Pros and Cons of Object Orineted Programming and Procedural Programming

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Object oriented programming vs. procedural programming - the pros and cons Computer programming as we know is an important engineering task in modern world where a maximum number of electronic equipment are based on microcontrollers and microprocessors. The cost of microprocessors and controllers have gone so low that the cost of entire electronic circuit which used to be sky high in 1970s and 80s, has now gone to down drastically. Even the simple microcontrollers we use today are able to perform complex arithmetic tasks along with several other tasks such as on chip network interface, wireless interface, etc. In order to utilize all the functions of a given processor, one must know the important programing procedures available today. In…show more content…
Now, we will look into what Object Oriented Programming is. Before that we must first understand what an object is, because that is what the entire programming method is based on. An object is something which has a defined state and characteristics of its own. This concept was taken from the real world scenario, where each object we see has those two states. An example would be a cup, it has a height, it has a purpose and it has a specific volume which it can hold. The shape of the cup can also be taken into consideration. In software programming, the object is worked upon by use of methods. The methods are what help two or multiple objects communicate with each other (“Object Oriented Programming”). Thus we can now say, Object oriented programming works on “objects” instead of working directly on the actions as in case of Procedural programming. Although, indirectly we are working on their actions because that is what makes the entire program work. Objects once defined can be used infinite times in a program and we do not have to define them. Thus, object oriented programming focusses more on getting the logic of the program right instead of spending several lines of code trying to get the data definitions right. The most commonly used Object oriented programming languages are Java, C#, PHP and Visual basic designed for .NET framework. An example of PHP object oriented programming would help us understand the actual programming
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