The Pros and Cons of Organ Donation Essay

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Tayt Andersen is an 8 year old boy from Rigby, Idaho, but he isn’t like all the other little kids in Rigby. Tayt was born without the left side of his heart. And, at just seven years old, he has had nine open-heart surgeries, twenty-four shunt revision surgeries, and three other life-saving surgeries. He has been Life Flighted ten times, flat-lined six times, and has spent more than three-fourths of his life in hospital beds at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Embree)
He has been denied a heart transplant three times, because his body wouldn’t be able to handle it. Along with Tayt there are about 121,605 other people who have been struggling for so long and are waiting for an organ transplant from an organ donor.
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If somebody is brain dead they can donate their heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs, and pancreas. If somebody dies from a different cause they will most likely be able to donate their tissues. After death people can donate their bones, cartilage, corneas, fascia, heart valves, ligaments, pericardium, skin, tendons, and veins (What can be donated). “People can recover from comas, but not brain death. Coma and brain death are not the same. Brain death is final” (Learn the Facts). Many people worry that their loved one is in a coma and not brain dead, or that their brain will start functioning at any second. It can be hard to accept brain death. If somebody wanted to donate something while they were alive, instead of waiting till they die, there are also some organs that can be donated while they are living. While living people can donate their kidney, part of their pancreas, part of a lung, part of a liver, part of the intestine, bone marrow, and blood (Organ and Tissue Donation). Most people who donate organs or tissues while they are alive donate the organ or tissue to a family member or friend, but there are some cases where they donate it to someone they don’t know. Some of the organs can regenerate themselves and some can’t. If somebody donates and organ while they are alive that doesn’t regenerate itself, they are still able to survive without it. For example somebody can donate a whole kidney and be okay, because they have another one and

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