The Pros and Cons of Owning a Handgun

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Word Count- 445 words In 2010 over 10,000 Americans were killed due to people owning their own handguns. Chicago was a big city that had a major problem that centered around people taking matters into their own hands by killing individuals for various reasons. These guns were permitted for use due to the Bill of Rights. As a result, Chicago banned people from having handguns. The government said that the second amendment regards all states and cities which overturned Chicago's ban. The court decided that it is the fundamental right for people to own handguns but this right was written years ago and they did not acknowledge the fact about the reality in Chicago. 258 students were shot and 32 were fatally injured. The court and the states are constantly debating whether the people should own guns or not. The way to save American lives and to keep this right of the people, the government came up with some ways to keep this going. They now have restrictions on who can buy and sell guns. Background checks must now be performed before the purchase of a firearm. Even though there has been conflict over this issue for years, owning a gun is indeed one of the rights of the people to have. People should be able to protect themselves against people that have the intention of hurting you. So having a gun is good for safety. But on the other hand it can be used against you because most gun accidents happen inside the home due to misuse or a kid having a grab at it. There should be
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