The Pros and Cons of Owning a Cell Phone

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The pros and cons of owning a cell phone Broc Barchard COMM/112 April-08-2013 Kerry Moquett The pros and cons of owning a cell phone Annotated Bibliography: Are cell phones controlling us? I generally like this source because it goes into great detail about the evolution of cell phones. Starting back in 1984 the first cell phone was basically a brick, and now the cell phones used today are way smaller. Also this source talks about devices becoming more sophisticated. They talk about other functions of today’s cell phones, like being used as watches, internet stations, credit cards, mp3 players, digital cameras, dictionaries, alarm clocks ect. This source seems to be a well respected Asian…show more content…
In this case they have published a really nice article that talks about finding a cell phone/service that is best for each individual person. For example some people may need internet on there phone so spending the extra 30 dollars a month on cell phone internet would be a good choice for them, but some people just pay the money but do not actually utilize what they are paying for. So downgrading to a cheaper plan of service or provider would be best for them. They talk about all types of providers and what they can offer to help people find what phone is best for them. Yip, P. (2012, Jun 03). Avoid cell shock. Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from CELL PHONE DRIVING This is an article that is very important to contributing good studies and information related to driving while using a cell phone. This source states that this is a very big issue that is overlooked by politicians because it does not do much for them in the polls. They are more focused on other topics, such as assault rifles laws because those crimes are publicized more then the silent killer (cell phones behind the wheel). This is a well put together article that was published by the Idaho state journal. I cant wait to use this information in my research paper. Cell phone driving. (2013, Feb 13). Idaho State Journal. Retrieved from Cell
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