Essay on The Pros and Cons of Photograph Alteration

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The use of today’s photography technology invites many controversial arguments among the public. Some people have no problem with manipulated pictures, others believe that editing the picture of human being means not to appreciate human as God’s creature. It is commonly known that the majority of the pictures in magazines, billboards, and advertisements in public areas must have gone through the professional photo editing process to be maximized in effectiveness. The pictures are retouched so that it looks much more lively and delightful than the original ones. Using today’s photography technology, we are able to manipulate picture’s appearance into anything we want; it can be extremely fascinating or conversely. For example, you can …show more content…
However, it will be more interesting if the toothpaste advertisement is added with special effect which illustrates the model to have extremely brighter and shinier teeth. Today’s photography technology allows the photo editor to manipulate the picture as if the model had teeth as shiny as diamonds. It also happens in fashion industry, which really counts on the model’s body shape and face. The clothes will look much more fabulous if the body proportion of the model is more appealing. Furthermore, the model’s face has to be able to give a strong character to the picture. By using the photo editing technique, the model will look flawless in the picture. Nevertheless, altering the picture of a person can evoke contradictions. Some people who exceptionally appreciate the natural side of human beauty will feel uncomfortable or even insulted if they see their photos or other’s are being manipulated. They just want to look natural without any advance technology touches. For them, it is better to appear natural than to appear gorgeous because of photo editing. Another argument in using photo editing technology is that often times the technique is used irresponsibly in order to take personal advantage. For example, some irresponsible people manipulate the photo of a person without permission from the

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