Essay about The Pros and Cons of Plastic Use

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To Use or Not to Use Plastic Grocery Bags an d Plastic Drinking Bottles.
Most people if asked would say that they want to do the correct thing when it comes to their plastic waste. Every day the human race throws out millions of pounds of toxic waste in the form of plastic drink bottles and plastic grocery bags, for the most part, we do not do this maliciously; most people just do not know where to dispose of it other than the wastebaskets especially, when not at home. As a human race, we need to come up with a solution that will not only encourage the recycling of all plastics but also, reward the people that are willing to look for new ideas and products that will work as well if
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This is a newer type of plastic that will biodegrade however; it has to be placed into a compost pile for this to occur. It appears that these plastics are more environmentally friendly as well. They release less toxic gases while being produced and are not able to release the toxic chemicals that regular plastics leach out over the years. While this is a great idea and looks like it could be a good alternative to regular plastics in the future. There are the down sides of bio plastic. “It cost much more to be manufactured and, it only works if it is put into a compost pile.” (May 2010). Would it be a feasible alternative to expect people to start composting so that they can get rid of all of their plastic items. In addition, I wonder how is this going to be accomplished in states like New York where these is nothing in the city’s except concrete? I doubt that this is a feasible option; and think that we will need to come up with an alternative solution for this problem.
At this time, the recycling programs throughout the country are becoming more effective but they are absolutely far from having the ability to handle the amount of recycling needs that they should be able to thus we need to find a way amp them up to the point that we can recycle everything that is possible to recycle. In most counties, they limit the items that they are willing to handle. Currently we should be able to recycle everything that we have as trash. Most of the items we buy

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