The Pros and Cons of Private Schools

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The new government in Norway has always had an eternal wish to strengthen the position of private schools in the Norwegian society. Independent schools are already common in England, and they achieve better results in general compared to the state schools in the country. Yet, many British parents still prefer the state schools, and numerous people in Norway are sceptical of private schools as well. Why are many people negative to these self-governed schools? In this article I’m going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of private schools. This is to be done by taking a look at the differences between private schools and public schools, why parents prefer state schools, bullying in the different schools, and how well the different…show more content…
But how come that 50% of British parents would not send their kids to private school - even if they did not have to pay fees? According to an article issued in August 2013 on fees are not the main issue with private schools. Parents prefer the state schools firstly because they were happy to go to a state school themselves, and secondly because they believe it is the government’s duty to accommodate education for their children. 60% of whom would still let their children go to state schools said it was because they want their children get to know other children from “all walks of life”, making their children aware of the world around us. On the other hand, 17% of those who would have let their children attend private schools if the fees were abolished, would do so because they believe there is a less chance of being bullied. (Garner, 2013). Nevertheless, state schools are entitled by law to have behaviour policy, while independent schools are not. (, 2013)

How do these statements add up? In public schools, it is the affluent kids who are most exposed to bullying, due to their flashy items and posh attitude. In these cases, victims are often forced to commit minor acts of rowdiness that they otherwise never would have done. (Henry, 2013) On the other hand, considering the fact that people who attend private schools come from a somewhat prosperous family, the independent schools often
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