The Pros and Cons of Reptiles as Pets

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How many people can say that they have a pet that has been around, in some form or other, for 300 million years? Reptiles are fascinating animals that have been around since the Carboniferous Period, 300 million years ago. Many different species of reptiles have come and gone over the course of time and there are five main groups. Turtles and tortoises are distinguished by the presence of their carapace, or shells, which is also their main defense against predators. Lizards are the most diverse and varied among the reptiles with many different types from chameleons, to iguanas, to geckos, to monitor lizards which includes the largest of all lizards; the Komodo dragon. Tuataras are the most ancient of reptiles and can be found exclusively…show more content…
There are many interesting things people can learn about reptile behavior from their pet like how their reptile eats, how it moves, how it hunts, how it reproduces, how it mates, how it defends itself, and how it’s born. One fact that can be learned is that not all reptiles are born from eggs some, like boas, are born live.There are many benefits to keeping a reptile. For example, people who are allergic to pet dander from furry animals like cats and dogs can keep a reptile as a pet. Reptiles aren't furry, so there aren’t any allergy problems to consider. Reptiles also don’t really require the intense care that is needed for many other pets as their cold-blooded metabolism makes them less active. Many reptiles also don’t need to be fed daily as a good meal will often keep them for days or even months in the case of many snakes. Reptiles are also good for people who like quiet pets as many are relatively silent.(PetLife) When choosing a pet reptile people also need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a reptile to be sure it is suitable for them. For example, the experts at Reptile recommend that “Corn snakes make a good snake pet for beginners. They are docile and respond well to human handling.” (Hsin-Yi) The owners have to be aware that some pet reptiles have killed people and take into consideration the fact they will be solely responsible for anything that
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