The Pros and Cons of School Choice Essay

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Benefits and Disadvantages of School Choice The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the benefits and drawbacks of school choice with respect to the impact on the students involved in the process. Over the years, school vouchers, school choice and charter schools have been grouped into one umbrella category known as school choice. The three types of school choice are very different yet very much the same and each topic will be discussed in depth and analyzed with examples and opinions from other authors. Overall, there have always been experts with both positive and negative remarks about the issues surrounding school choice. School Choice School choice is one subgroup under the umbrella heading School Choice;…show more content…
Some arguments on the advantages of school choice were found on the website, which includes many stories about individual families who have benefited from school choice. The website also explains how in Cleveland, Florida and Milwaukee over 14,500 families have benefited from school choice programs. Making the parents more involved in the students’ education as well as feeling a higher level of satisfaction from the children’s education, the programs also provides less discrimination based on economic status, or racial background, as well as many other things. In Depth of School Choice One family story is found on the website,, in informational website about the benefits of school choice. The website describes how the Beauduy family of Florida benefited from being able to partake of the school choice program. Being able to chose to send one child to a magnet school out side the assigned school district, has shaped the family and made the entire family happier overall allowing the family to have saved enough money to live in a safer neighborhood. On the other hand, the article The Price of Public School Choice, by Howe, Eisenhart and Betebenner, discusses the drawbacks of school choice. The authors explain how the schools with more resources will gain too many students, leaving the students that cannot choose or do not wish to, behind in the bad schools.

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