The Pros and Cons of Selective Abortion Essay

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This essay will evaluate advantages and disadvantages, moral, religious and ethical aspects of selective abortion, which promotes women’s well-being, physical and mental health. Surgical abortion is an abortion, carried out for different purposes, and accompanied or caused by the death of the fetus. The procedure of the deliberating termination of a human pregnancy is known since ancient times. Kapparis Konstantinos (2002) wrote in his book “Abortion in the Ancient world” that the word abortion came frоm thе Lаtіn “abortus” where “ab” means “amiss” and “oriri” means “likely to be born, arise”. According to thе book of Christopher Tietze and Sarah Lewit (1969) “Abortion” which could be one of the earliest records of an abortive technique…show more content…
In recent decades, pressures from public opinion and new discoveries in medicine have led to substantial changes in the procedures, requirements and effects of abortion laws. The worldwide number of induced abortions, both safe and unsafe, declined from nearly 46 million in 1995 to approximately 42 million in 2003 ( Induced abortion : estimated rates and trends worldwide . 2007) . This corresponds to a decline in the abortion rate from 35 abortions per 1000 women aged 15 to 44 in 1995 to 29 in 2003. (World Abortion Policies, 2007 )
The first reason for legal selective abortion and the most powerful argument of those people, who are for it, is that society needs it at least to prevent the risk of maternal health. According to the statistics of UN’s Department of Economic and social Affairs of 2007 year, about 97% of countries around the world allow abortion in the event of an emergency, when women’s life is in explicit threat. (World Abortion Policies, 2007)There are only 5 countries where selective abortion is prohibited. (ibid) These countries are Chile, El Salvador, the Holy See, Malta and Nicaragua.(ibid)
The procedure of abortion divides to two methods: non-surgical and surgical. (Methods of abortion. 2009) There are 3 legal methods of surgical abortion. (ibid) The first is a vacuum aspiration. (ibid) In this method a tube is gently inserted into the womb through the cervix. (ibid) Then the contents of the womb are
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