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As a teenager associated with the “technological revolution”, it has only been fate to be consumed by the constant social media that surrounds our society. With a phone always in hand, and a new app ready to be downloaded, the people of the current generation are being mind-blocked by the tweets and posts of their numerous friends. As I walk down the hallway of my high school, I see the tops of my classmates heads. Resembling a kangaroo, they are hunched over, arms bent with an iPhone glued to their faces, eager to catch up on whatever tweets they haven’t seen. Eager to see what “selfie” their favorite celebrity has posted on Instagram. The constant mentality of, “ Oh that would be a good tweet”, or “ Lets post theses pictures on…show more content…
In 1994, Geocities allowed people to create their own websites, it then later allowed people to interact with people they were similar with, eventually being labeled the first social media site. (Arandilla). The first influential social site was Friendster, which eventually led to Myspace. Myspace allowed people to follow each other, and share music and videos. The popularity of Myspace, led to beginning advertising from big corporations. Soon Myspace’s biggest competitor was born, Facebook. With one billion users across the globe, Facebook grew to the biggest networking source. Shortly after, Twitter was established, and became a huge site for teenagers. Twitter allows a person to follow celebrity’s, their friends, or role models , as well as the rapid increase of marketing . (Barry) The social media craze, grew faster than anyone could have imagined. Now more accessible than ever, with smartphones and ipads, social media is right at our fingertips. These networking sites have had a huge impact on every aspects of life, and transformed media. Yet, has it transformed society for the better?

The label, “Social Media”, is due to its ability to encourage people to be more social and communicative through the internet. Yet, it is now known that the name might not live up to its expectation. With less face-to-face interaction, relationships and communication skills are being sacrificed. Although one may have one thousand

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