The Pros and Cons of Social Networking

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Introduction In this era the social networking plays vital role in everyone’s life. Everything has its pros and cons. The most common social networking site is facebook. Everyone has their own profile for free as a result billon users on facebook. Threats arising from social networking: System overload – Due to non-corporate usage the performance of network degraded. The drainage of resources may become powerful. As social networking sites widen into shared and streamed media. Malicious code – Web 2.0 applications and social networks often sit directly on the desktop, bypassing some of the corporate gateway controls – for example, most social networks support file transfer, quick messaging and email without importantly going through the corporate email gateway. Social engineering – discovering useful data that can be used for identity theft. Information leakage – probably the most visible threat to corporate and the one that tends to make newspaper headlines. Information will leak naturally from organisations, but social networking can make it very easy, and once the information enters the social network, it is almost hopeless to retrieve it. Legal liabilities -- dealing with harassment, regulatory oversight, ensuring that privacy obligations are being observed. External attack perhaps a more subtle form of attack, using social networking as a way to extract information that can be used to commit fraud. Harassment – by tacitly permitting social
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