The Pros and Cons of Technology In Schools Essay examples

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Advantages and Disadvantages With Technology In Schools Technology is being used in every school in America. Some schools are based around technology solely. For instance getting a college degree using the Internet where you never see any of the teachers and you could also live in a different state. Technology has helped out in so many ways especially in schools but it also has many disadvantages in school too. In this paper you will see the advantages and disadvantages with using technology in schools discussed thought out this paper. After you have read this paper it should help you decide weather or not you believe technology is helpful for students and teachers. Students, and soon to be teachers have no choice…show more content…
The students Patrick Kablis (2004) surveyed said, “they participated much more in class due to the fact they weren’t worried about taking notes.” (Kablis, 2004) They where much more able to concentrate on the lecture which in turn made their studying less outside of class. The Internet has also helped students with their research on papers. It’s a very easy way to find the information you need for a paper and doesn’t take that much time. All students have to do is go on the Internet and start typing away. In the next second or two the can have thousands of information that will be useful for their papers. The Internet has also helped teachers in the same way. When teachers are having trouble or they don’t know what they can do for their next class they have websites that can tell them exactly what they need to do. For instance there are website you can find how to build websites in five minutes. They also have other websites where u can make crossword puzzles for students, or bridge a language barrier, and how to write a lesson plan for first time teachers. These are great websites for the first time teacher. If they didn’t have access to these websites they will have a rough couple of years until they get the hang of things through trial and error. The Internet helps both students and teachers make workload much easier. (Technology 2004) Professors teach their students how to be good teachers when they graduate. That’s great for new teacher
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