Essay on The Pros and Cons of Tracking Devices

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The Pros and Cons of Tracking Devices

What is this world coming to? When most of us think of tracking devices they think of primarily negative issues. But that has all changed now. A tracking device the size of a tic tack that can be surgically implanted to provide a tamper proof means of identification, enhanced e-business security, locating lost or missing individuals, monitoring heart rate, vital signs, tracking of the elderly, the location of valuable property, and monitoring the medical conditions of at risk patients, all at the convenience of a button or a phone call (www.allnet). It is called the GPM or as we know it the Global Positioning Microchip. Today I will discuss the ideals of the implanted microchip and
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( The GPM chip remains inactive until it is scanned or until the scanner sends a low frequency signal to the chip, providing the juice (power) needed by the microchip to send its unique code back to the scanner and positively identify the being, location, vitals, etc ( The GPM allows info to be stored permanently inside the being right under the skin, where it cannot be lost or altered. The chip will last for the life of the person with all info intact. This miniature digital transceiver can serve for both positive and negative intentions.

There are many different types of these devices out there today and each serves a different purpose to each individual. This portable monitoring devices can help to keep tabs on kids who have a problem staying in the house or lie about where they are going with there friends to do drugs. Most of the products use a GPS (Global Satellite Positioning System), while some of the others use radio transmissions or the wireless telephone network. I will take you through a brief description of what is out there now for parents and loved one to consider when looking for a GPS system.

The Walk Mate is a pager-sized device that has been around for a while. It has been used to help protect helpless female students on a few college campuses nationwide. The cost roughly 50 bucks per semester, sends signals to a network of antennas where the location of the person wearing the Walk mate can be
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